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Help out before, during or after LitCrawl – send us an email and we'll get back to you with more information.


Donate Money


Donate to our charitable trust via PayPal (above) or by direct debit to: The Wellington Treasure Trust: 38-9016-0161571-000. Donations over $5 are tax deductible.


Here are examples of what your money can do:


$20 - this tasty nibble could go toward transport for an incoming writer from the airport to the CBD. You’d be literally helping them get to LitCrawl.


$50 - this is a healthy dollop that would cover petrol for a writer wending their way over the Rimutakas to LitCrawl, and back.


$100 - this is a very helpful bite that would help us operate the sound equipment on the night so that everyone can listen up.


$200 - this is a lovely chunk that could go towards our ace designer who turns our ideas and documents into a beautiful LitCrawl map so y’all know what’s what! Or, it’ll cover a whole return flight for an out-of-town author heading to us for LitCrawl.


Every and all amounts go into the running of the event - thank you so much for your support.



Primary Funder: Creative New Zealand

Major Funders: Wellington City Council;   Wellington Community Trust.

Bookseller: Vic Books

Gold Sponsors: Ricoh; Lion Foundation.

Silver Sponsors: Whitireia Polytechnic; Gladstone Vineyard.



LitCrawl is a non-profit Wellington Treasure Trust event

Produced by Pirate & Queen.