The Whole Intimate Mess: A Rant


Holly Walker, author of The Whole Intimate Mess (BWB Texts) about her time as both Green Party MP and new mum, talks with Emily Writes, author of Rants in the Dark: From One Tired Mama to Another, about the pitfalls and prejudices that make life that much harder for mamas in the 21st century.





The Whole Intimate Mess: A Rant

SUNDAY 12 November


City Gallery


Tickets $15 / $18





Holly Walker is a former Green MP turned writer, reviewer, and children's advocate. Her memoir The Whole Intimate Mess: Motherhood, Politics, and Women's Writing was published by Bridget Williams Books in June 2017. You can find her on twitter @hollyrwalker.



Emily Writes is a mother of two, a popular author, and editor of The Spinoff Parents. Her first book, Rants in the Dark - From One Tired Mama To Another shot to the top of the New Zealand charts when it was published in March 2017.